Victorian Tradtional Awnings

We have manufactured Victorian Traditional Awnings for many years using the highest quality products.

Some of our latest Traditional Awning Installations

Over time we have improved on the original Victorian Awning to make sure it can cope with the British weather e.g. some of the boxing has been replaced with a more resistant aluminium casing at the top and the back where the water or snow would sit, slowly eating into the old timber version. We still use hardwood cheeks and a timber front lath and tacker with a traditional cast pull down plate.The arms are designed to suit the exact requirements of the building and are all bent to suit by hand as they were when the Victorians designed them.

The box and lath will be painted in a colour of your choice, ideally the same as the shop front so it looks part of the overall installation but a completely different colour can also make a feature of the shop blind. The arms and slides are traditionally black but we can, if you choose, have them finished in the same colour as the box. We have a huge collection of fabrics to choose from, either plains or stripes depending on what you want to achieve with the overall look. We can attach a straight or scalloped valance should you wish – it’s all about personal taste.

To really make the Victorian Traditional Awnings stand out, many of our customers choose to have the covers, valances or both sign written; these shop blinds form a fantastic part of any business’s advertising. The main covers can have any company logo or branding which is hand painted onto the fabric by one of our expert sign writers; the valances can carry names, phone numbers and web addresses. You can do as much or as little as you like but it’s a great opportunity to make your shop or business stand out to passing trade.

Take a look at our picture gallery below to see some of our work, and to give you a good idea of what the Victorian Traditional Awnings look like when they are open for business.