Traditional Victorian Awnings for Mabel’s Tavern – London

Client: Mabel’s Tavern
Location: London
Job: Traditional Victorian Awnings

shop canopies Installed by Radiant Blinds at Mabel's Tavern, London
Mabel’s Tavern – Victorian Awnings Installed by Radiant Blinds

Radiant Blinds carried out a refurbishment on these 2 Traditional Victorian Awnings for Mabel’s Tavern, London. Radiant Blinds supplied replacement covers and valances to the existing victorian awnings incorporating the Shepherd Neame logo. The acrylic covers were manufactured in the Radiant Blinds factory and then hand painted. The black acrylic material was cut and stitched to size and then fitted to the existing awnings. New laths, tackers, chains and plates were also supplied. The laths and tackers were painted black in our factory to give a smart, uniform overall appearance.

Refurbishment of an existing awnings

The refurbishment of an existing awning can be a cost-effective way to update a shopfront.  As Radiant Blinds has been trading for many years with a long serving workforce, they are able to carry out repairs and renewals of existing parts which can save the client having the added expense of replacing these.  This can result in a fresh, new look without incurring the expense of a new victorian awning in its complete form.

Radiant Blinds will work with the client, designers, architects or project managers to ensure the client receives the best advice and without compromising on quality or service.

Mabel’s Tavern

Mabel’s Tavern is open 7 days a week and services great beer.  There is a diverse choice of delicious, fresh meals from the main menu as well as great sandwiches and burgers.  The tavern reportedly takes its name from a local woman.  Mabel who was born in Dublin, Ireland and became Mabel Hamilton when she married into the family who owned Hamilton House in Mabledon Place.

This Shepherd Neame pub is in Mabledon Place, Kings Cross close to Euston and King’s Cross St Pancras.  At lunchtime it serves commuters, tourists and local office workers. In the evening customers often watch live sport on the Sky or BT channels.

The pub’s manager won the Beer Hero Award in Shepherd Neame’s 2016 awards and they are also listed in the Good Beer Guide. Well worth a visit.

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