Traditional Victorian Awnings – Seven Dials – London for Fafas

The recovering of Traditional Awnings in Seven Dials was recently carried out by our company.

Traditional Victorian Awnings – Seven Dials – London

You’ll be pleased to know that most awnings can be recovered or repaired.  Radiant Blinds & Awnings has been manufacturing Traditional Victorian Awnings since we started in 1955.  Therefore,  carrying out repairs or recovers is second nature.  You can choose from a wide selection of fabrics.  You can also have Sign writing on your awnings.  This is carried out by our experienced graphics department.

The Victorian Awning is a robust awning made from steel & hardwood and widely accepted by councils in and around London.

Radiant Blinds & Awnings was asked to recover these 2 no Victorian awnings for Fafas.  This is a new take away which first started in Helsinki –  Finland.  At first it was a street food vendor. They now have 39 stores across Finland and are opening their first one in London.

Fafas primarily sell filled pitas.  In the UK, there will apparently be a breakfast menu that you don’t see in Finland. There will also be a few exclusive pitas. That includes one with short rib, beetroot and tahini.   Other ones incude grilled prawns and harissa.  As for this first opening, it’ll mainly be takeaway.  However expect bigger venues to come.