Triple Awning installation for wide area

3 end fixed awnings

Another south facing garden being baked by the sun. The clients way of dealing with the sun baking the back of the house was to close the curtains. That’s what you do in the winter to keep the heat in. The only way to stop the sun baking your rooms is to block it before it hits the glass. That is why you always see awnings and shading when you go to Southern Europe. Buildings with shading solutions added.

Awnings come in all shapes, sizes and budgets. Of course there is an initial outlay but the awnings we sell are designed to be trouble free and minimum maintenance. Wireless remote control options available are an automatic sun sensor. When the sun hits the photovoltaic cells the signal is sent to the motor to send the awning out. This then prevents the room from over heating, even when you are out.

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