Velux Blinds

Radiant Blinds supply and install Velux blinds, these made to measure blinds come in a range of fabulous fabrics

Skylights windows are now fitted to many rooms in the home. For example, they can be fitted to kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.  The most popular skylight windows are made by Velux.  Velux Blinds are specifically made to fit their windows.  Each window has a special code on the metal tag on the window.  Therefore, all you need to do is give us this code. We can then make sure the correct Velux Blind is specified.


Velux Blinds come in a range of styles depending on what you want to achieve. Consequently, you can have a roller blind in anti-glare or black out fabrics, awning style exterior blinds, pleated blinds and now even a roman style blind.  As you can see, the choices are endless.


In addition, you can have the blinds manually operated or even motorised. If you have an electric Velux window the blind can work from this motor.  However, if you don’t, no problem. Velux also make a solar powered motor that will power a blind even on a manual window. They also do a white framed blind if you have the white line window to match perfectly.


All Velux Blinds have specific fabrics so you must choose from their catalogue.  We can order the blinds according to your choice.  We will then return and install them for you at a convenient time.  This will then take away all of the hassle and worry about getting it right.

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