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Vertical Blinds
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Vertical Blinds are still one of the best ways in which to shade large areas of glass

Vertical Blinds were known in the recent modern past as predominantly office blinds. They are now being chosen more and more for homes due to the huge range of fabrics that are available. You can now get some very contemporary fabrics that will suit even the most modern of homes.

Vertical Blinds are especially suitable for large glazed areas such as patio doors.  You have total control of how you want the blinds to operate.  For example, you can tilt the slats through 360 degrees to make sure you get the light just right.  You can also open then up completely by drawing the slats to one side or the other.  Alternatively, you can have a split draw like a pair of curtains. The headrails can be made in very wide widths.  Consequently, this makes these quality blinds an extremely versatile option for any home.

The fabrics are weighted at the bottom so even if the patio doors are open the fabrics should stay in place.  The headrails are generally white but you can have different colours should you wish.

Like all blinds with hanging and looped cords, Child Safety is paramount to us at Radiant Blinds.  When we install our products, we also install the relevant Child Safety Devices. For schools and public areas, we can remove the cords completely and substitute it for a wand. This wand will allow you to tilt the slats and draw the fabrics in one simple system.

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Vertical Blinds