Victorian Awning – New Kings Road, London

Oree – New Kings Road, London

Radiant Blinds Limited specialises in making traditional Victorian awnings which are hand crafted here in our factory in Surbiton.  Over time, we have improved the Victorian awnings to ensure they can cope with the unpredictable British weather.   For example, we have replaced some of the boxing with a more resistant aluminium casing at the top and back.   In the old timber version, the water or snow would rest on the wood and slowly eat into it, although we still use the hardwood cheeks and a timber front lath and tacker.   The arms are designed to suit the exact requirements of the building and are bent by hand as they were when the Victorians designed them.   The awnings operate by using a pull down pole.  Oree is a French bakery who work closely with artisan French chefs in France to create the most mouth watering patisseries that you will find hard to say no to and their premises in the New Kings Road, London are the proud owners of a hand crafted traditional Victorian awning of ours.