Victorian Awning – Moncks of Dover Street

Moncks of Dover Street

Moncks of Dover Street

A new restaurant opened recently with a Victorian Awning from Radiant Blinds & Awnings. The designers wanted a unique look and we worked with our awning graphics department to create this stunning shield design. The pattern follows down the cover and the valance is shaped to follow the shield design. All hand finished by our team. We make our Victorian Awnings in our London factory and all are made to the clients specification. They are manually operated or can be wireless remote controlled or gear assisted operation.

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A little about the restaurant 

The idea behind Moncks of Dover St is simple, to create a great neighbourhood restaurant in the heart of one of the world’s most prestigious locales.  We serve time-honoured classic dishes using the finest produce. Open daily from early morning to late evening for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our name is a nod to the seventeenth century Lord, Christopher Monck, who was the final owner of Clarendon Estate, a palatial residence that once stood on what is now Dover Street, Albemarle Street and Bond Street. Monck was a local legend, a politician, a treasure hunter and an innovator. We loved his spirit and the important role that he played in the history of Mayfair. We look forward to becoming an important part of the neighbourhood, like he once was.