Victorian Trellis Arm Awning

Victorian Trellis Arm Awning recover

The trellis arm awning were very common in London and used widely on shops. The arms are very intricate and the design is complicated meaning that there is a high cost to manufacture new ones. If you have one then it worth while keeping them.

At Radiant Blinds & Awnings we specialise in refurbishing the trellis arm awning to preserve a piece of history. We normally find the awning metal work has been painted many times over the years which makes the awning difficult to open. We would remove the whole awning and then sand blast back to base metal. Then we would powder coat the metal work to the clients preferred colour. If the wooden front rail needs to be replaced then we would do that as well before installing the new cover. Once installed the awning will look like new and good to go for another 100 years.

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