Weinor Awnings UK

Radiant Blinds & Awnings is proud to be an authorised dealer for Weinor Awnings UK. As a company, we have used Weinor Awnings for many years. Due to this, we have a fantastic working relationship. Manufacturing takes place in Germany so Weinor products are of a very high quality. Therefore, we feel confident in supplying these systems to your homes and businesses. In short, Weinor’s durability and quality means they offer you reliable sun protection. Should you be looking for a retractable, folding arm awning Weinor is an excellent choice.  Rest assured, you’ll be provided with great protection against the sun, wind and rain.

For more information on specific products, see these pages:

Popular Weinor Cassita II

Sophisticated Weinor Opal Design II,

Modern Weinor Semina Life

Versatile Weinor Topas

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Customised Weinor Awnings UK

Whatever your budget and need, there’s a Weinor Awning for you. Both open and full cassettes are available. Therefore, you can choose from simple models to designer specs. Additionally, we supply conservatory awnings and vertical awnings. Taking into account your budget and technical requirements, our representative will help you make a choice.

Awning controls

Deciding on which awning controls are best depends on the size of your awning. A manually operated awning will be operated using a detachable winding handle. However, this would not be suitable for large, heavy awnings.  These days many of our customers select electric controls.  By choosing these, your awning is easy to use. As a result, you can control it easily. Hence, with merely the touch of a button or a two way switch your blind and extend and retract. Remote control is also an option for ease. Additionally, sun & wind or vibration sensor is available.

Weinor Awnings UK Framework

Want a coloured framework? Use the RAL colour selection to allow you to match your Weinor framework to your home, shopfront or cover.

Covers and valances

Plain or patterned? View our wide choice of awning fabrics and you’ll find something you like. Maybe you want to co-ordinate with your décor. Alternatively you might want to add contrasting colours. Either way, there is a material for you. Furthermore, our representatives can help you with your fabric selection so no need to struggle making your choice.

Optional Extras

Fancy adding a bit of luxury? Light bars, LED lights, sensors and electric controls and other awning accessories are additional options.

General Weinor Information

Only quality products are sold at Radiant Blinds & Awnings. As a consequence, you can have confidence in the durability and efficiency of our installations. More information on the Weinor product range of found at www.weinor.com/awnings

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