Weinor Opal Design II

Opal Design II LED/Valance Plus/LED Valance Plus

The Weinor Opal Design II is a sophisticated full cassette folding arm awning. It has a classic design with the advantage of modern technology. This system is a full cassette awning, the cassette being 16cm high. Although the design is flat, it provides great stability. The shape of the end caps allows the awning to fully close thus protecting the cover and inside fittings against the damp and dirt.

There are additional optional extras with the Opal Design II. You can have integrated LED lighting. The individual LED spotlights provide a warm light and are dimmable when you use the BiConnect radio control system.

Another option you can choose to have on your awning is the Valance Plus. This gives you additional protection against the sun and provides a level of privacy.

Should you have a particularly large area to cover, you can have a multi-section unit. This 2 part unit can cover a width of up to 1200cm. There is what is known as a ‘jockey cover’ for the joining section. Our representative can explain further if you are interested.

The Opal Design II has a wind lock safety device which reduces the risk of damage when the wind gusts from underneath. It is also complete with a long life arm which does not require any maintenance and is very quiet.

For your cover and valance, you have a wide choice of colours available. Again, our representative can help you with your selection if you are struggling to choose from the many possible materials.

N.B. These are sun shading solutions and not to be relied upon as rain and snow protection products

For further information on the Weinor Opal Design II or any other of the Weinor Awnings, please contact us.