Weinor Semina Life

Semina Life LED/Valance Plus/LED Valance Plus

This modern awning is an alternative to the semi-cassette system. With its smooth design, not only is it great value for money but also ticks many of the boxes in terms of different options available. For example, you can have LED lights integrated into the cassette. These are dimmable when using the BiConnect Weinor control system. The lighting provides approximately 30,000 LED light hours with the lowest energy consumption. Consequently, the lighting remains on even when the awning is retracted.

Weinor Semina Life Valance Plus

Weinor’s Valance Plus is also an optional extra. Another integrated design, this time in the drop profile. It can extend to a maximum of 210cm thus providing privacy and glare protection.

Semina Life features

The Weinor Semina Life Awning has an integrated rain gutter which drains the water away. Additionally, like the Semina it has brackets which easily adjust the pitch of the awning. These brackets also allow different types of fitting eg wall, ceiling and rafter.

Controls for Weinor Semina Life

You can choose to have your Weinor Semina Life awning manually operated using a gear handle (to a maximum projection of 350cm). Customers choose this option when it is difficult to connect to a power supply. Alternatively, if you are only going to use your awning occasionally, you may not want the expense of electric controls.

However, if you decide you want an easy to control awning, you can select to have a motor fitted. By using a remote control, you can easily extend and retract the awning to any point required.

Framework & Fabric Colours

Another option available, is that you can choose your awning framework colour. You many want this to co-ordinate with your choice of fabric colour. There is a wide range of plain and patterned materials.

N.B. These are sun shading solutions and not to be relied upon as rain and snow protection products

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