Weinor Plaza Viva Pergola

Weinor Plaza Viva

If you have a wide area that needs shading then the Weinor Plaza Viva is a good solution. The retractable tensioned fabric roof system can go up to 6 metres in width and project 5 metres in a single unit.

Available in 56 standard frame colours and over 100 different fabric choices the Weinor Plaza Viva was just what this patio needed. With a low fixing height the client wanted to be able to fill the patio area for maximum shading. The head unit, where the wireless motor and fabric is housed is securely fixed to the house. The side channels are attached to the front support legs that also carry the weight of the Plaza Viva and support the unit if it is windy.

Also, one of the legs has an internal adjustment facility which allows the leg to be lowered. By lowering one corner you achieve greater water run off when there are light showers.

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