Woodslat Blinds

Woodslat Blinds are a Wooden Venetian Blind made from either painted or stained wood finishes.

Wooden Venetian Blinds or Woodslat Blinds have been fitted to windows for many years, like the Aluminium Venetian Blinds they offer great flexibility in shading and providing privacy to any room.

You have a cord that will raise and lower the slats to the desired height, you then have another cord that will rotate the slats turning them either upwards or downwards. This will allow you to filter the light perfectly even on the brightest of days. There is a huge range of stained timber colours to choose from as well as a selection of painted colours, the painted colours tend to be very Farrow & Ball style tones so fit into the modern decor that many homes now choose to have.

So you can also have the option of having Tapes on your Woodslat Blinds, what are tapes? Tapes are a piece of fabric about 10mm-15mm in width that run the whole length of the blind top to bottom, you will have either two or three on Woodslat Blinds depending on the overall width. The idea of the tape is that it covers where the holes are in the slats where the strings go through that control the tilt action, they are a fantastic idea and look great, they also help to make sure you get even less light ingress through any small gaps.

Like all blinds with cords Radiant will only supply and install Woodslat Blinds with the relevant Child Safety Devices, or if you prefer you can choose to have your Woodslat Blinds motorised. Due to the weight of these blinds they can only be 240v so you need to make sure an adequate power supply is in place to connect the blind too, then all you need is the remote control to raise or lower the blinds, we even supply you with a special remote that has a scroll wheel like on a computer mouse and allows you to tilt the slats to exactly the correct place.

So for more information on Woodslat Blinds call Radiant on 0208-390-8755

Woodslat Blinds


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