Triangular Awnings

Triangular Awnings are a fantastic way of promoting your shop or business in a modern and contemporary style.

Triangular Awnings have the same concept as the Dutch Blind, the main difference is that the Triangular Awnings are always fixed and cannot be retracted. They are generally fitted to shops, cafes, offices or any other commercial property. They are a smart visual focal point that can help advertise your business to passing trade. They also offer shade inside the building, much needed if your window is south facing and the sun is just too bright.

Our recent Triangular Awning Installations

All of our Triangular Awnings are bespoke ie made to suit your requirements. We can alter the height and projection to make sure it offers the correct shading. We can also provide a fixed valance at the bottom of the awning or we can fit a loose valance. We can supply open sides to the Triangular Awnings or we can enclose the sides, the choice is endless.

We will visit your business and show you where the Triangular Awnings can be installed. We can then work out the various different size options we can offer you; a larger projection will offer you better internal shade but if you went for the taller option it would be steeper and better for advertising. Radiant Blinds has been manufacturing Triangular Awnings for many years and has installed thousands of them to small and large businesses alike – they are a great solution for any company.

We have a huge choice of fabric colours to choose from, whether you want something plain or striped, and as our fabrics are all hand cut and sewn at our London factory we can even make a bespoke striped fabric just for you, something unique.

As Triangular Awnings are often used as a form of promoting the business, we offer a superb signwriting service. We can replicate your company logo, fonts and colours onto the main fabric or just the valance, from complex designs to single colour fonts what ever you have our signwriting team will replicate it.

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